Sea moss is a remarkable superfood that absorbs the nutrient-rich essence of its marine habitat and filters out pollutants.

We are the only sea moss brand that doesn't provide dying sea moss (gold/dried out) which has lost majority of its nutrients. Our 500mL gel packs a punch with 10x more sea moss content than any other sea moss company.

Elevate your well-being with over 95+ essential vitamins and minerals out of 102 you need to support your body's thriving health.


5 star review -Jessica.png__PID:ca0c172e-de40-499c-93c8-0f056f274055

- Jessica
My skin is glowing, and cleared right up. My eye colour is brighter. My nails are growing strong.

Elyse  5 star review.png__PID:c3d304f6-7eff-49a1-a90a-3138064c412e

- Elyse
I love it. I didnt take it today on purpose to see if I would notice a difference and i have felt meh all afternoon. I've got hubby onto it too and he's noticed a difference in his sleep and energy mainly. He also said he noticed a difference in muscle recovery after the gym.

Anitta  5 star review.png__PID:16ebfcd4-ba94-4138-bea3-a9493a225970

- Anitta
Me and dad have been having it twice a day he says he has more energy and my stomach is so much flatter, no matter how much pasta i eat, it's fixed any bloating problems lol will need to order more soon

Vanessa  5 star review.png__PID:94c35fdd-b8ae-4b20-9cab-4f049ab4b83a

- Vanessa
I'm loving it and it's so good in a smoothie!

fabiola 5 star .png__PID:6e23e5e3-01b6-408e-ab5a-36be54b31580

- Fabiola
I used mos x daily through my pregnancy and after, I can say with certainty that this experience compared to my last is unmatched, I have more energy, I sleep better (so does my bub) and my hair loss decreased by over 60%. Highly recommend.

Claudia  5 star review.png__PID:59181e6d-3605-46d1-a20f-f695112270ec

- Claudia
Second purchase, this stuff is awesome!
Have seriously noticed a positive difference in my skin & energy levels. Tastes amazing btw!

Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 6.48.15 pm.png__PID:fdb8064b-3596-42ac-a529-57bb635d4e61

- Nicole
I can feel an afternoon boost when i'd normally reach for something sweet or coffee

5 star review - Darren.png__PID:602214e0-6c9b-4b22-877e-300b22e13945

- Darren
I absolutely love it have it first thing in the morning and then when I get back home from work, been having the best deep sleeps after taking it also.

5 star review -luke.png__PID:fec8fa47-14ba-4b9b-ad09-69d068d1406c

- Luke
Feeling more energetic & happy. Excited to try other flavours, gave one to my best bud to start!

5 star review -jana.png__PID:d22767cd-06f8-46f8-9323-5383085c438c

- Jana
This morning, I had 2 tbsp pre training and seriously I had soooo much energy on my work out, plus I was feeling really good, I mean in a very good mood :) It’s unbelievable

5 star review -Samantha.png__PID:ee83ee4e-1372-4e12-be9b-d0ead9a4dc8f

- Samantha
You know what.. I’m really noticing difference in my skin laxity, hydration and energy levels in the morning I’m a make up artist and over 50 who is an ambassador for some beauty companies and so my skin health is super important.

Isabella  5 star review.png__PID:156fe385-5c2b-4278-8404-797f8f6624b5

- Isabella
I'm on day two and already feeling improvements. Finding it easier to wake up in the morning and lasting longer through the day!

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