Let's talk sea moss

Our humble story

At Mos x Daily, we're not just a sea moss company; we're a passionate movement aimed at revolutionising the sea moss industry in Australia and beyond.

Our journey began with a keen observation: amidst a sea of products claiming sea moss benefits, very few were genuinely delivering. We realised there was an urgent need to bring authenticity and purity back to this incredible superfood.

sea moss farms
sea moss farms

From local farms to Global treasure

Our visionary founder, Brent Vitiello, a dedicated advocate for real change but also a testament to the transformative power of sea moss. Brent's personal journey includes a struggle with mental health and lack of sleep, this is where he discovered that a healthy lifestyle could be a key to recovery. Over the years, Brent's frustration grew as he witnessed countless "fad" businesses flooding the market with under-dosed, low-quality sea moss sourced from dubious suppliers. These companies were turning a profit at the expense of consumers' health, and consumers were unknowingly ingesting a subpar product.

We knew it was time to shine a light on the truth. In response, we embarked on a mission to work directly with traditional sea moss farmers in the Indian Ocean, who have cultivated this natural wonder for generations. Our commitment to purity and potency led to the creation of Mos x Daily. We are driven by the desire to bridge the gap between these skilled farmers and the world, ensuring that the product you receive is nothing short of the best.

Supercharging Local Communities

But our vision extends beyond providing premium sea moss. We've established the "1 Dollar One Dream" foundation, where every sale contributes $1.00 to support the everyday essentials of the communities that have upheld these sea moss traditions. We believe in giving back, making a positive impact, and nurturing biodiversity, all while striving for a healthier world.

Join us in this transformative journey, say no to misinformation, and embrace the power of pure sea moss with Mos x Daily.

1 dollar one dream foundation
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