My sea moss has arrived! Now what?

Step by Step
closer to an amazing

1. Put your sea moss straight in the fridge! Yes you - straight in the fridge and allow to cool for 3 hours! I taste better chilled!

2. Take 1-2 tablespoons per day and be sure to pay attention to you body! You should feel a boost within 5 minutes!

3. Sea moss has a best before of 30 days, we want to be apart of your journey so please do share your amazing benefits with us! Keep moss in sachet provided!

Supercharging Local Communities

Our vision extends beyond providing premium sea moss. We've established the 1 Dollar One Dream foundation, where every sale contributes $2.00 to support the everyday essentials of the communities that have upheld these sea moss traditions. We believe in giving back, making a positive impact, and nurturing biodiversity, all while striving for a healthier world.

Thank you for joining us in this transformative journey and embracing the power of pure sea moss with Mos x Daily.

1 dollar one dream foundation
mos x daily sea moss gel


Sea moss sachets


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